Powerful Ways to Use Instagram for Real Estate Marketing

If you’re new to the world of real estate marketing, you may be wondering how to use Instagram to market your business. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to utilize Instagram for real estate. It’s a visual content platform that can be used to engage with your local community. If you’re a realtor, you can use it to show your work and connect with prospective clients. You can also send mass Direct Message to prospect clients.

Using the photo and video features on Instagram allows you to display your listings in a unique and compelling way. The images can be used for your website and other social media platforms, and you can also reuse the content for your Instagram profile. Many people look at pictures of homes on showcase sites and decide which one they’d like to buy. Using images of the actual properties themselves will encourage them to visit your website.

Using photos and video for real estate marketing is a powerful way to draw attention to listings. Incorporating beautiful photos and videos into your profile will help you attract potential clients. You can also take advantage of Instagram’s new “reels” feature to highlight your listings. This feature enables you to create 30-second video clips, which you can share with your followers and post to your profile. This type of short video can include AR effects and audio.

Using Story Highlights is a great way to promote your listings on Instagram. Heavenly, for example, uses this feature to post a group of videos and pictures on her Story. These videos and pictures provide information about real estate and related topics, including disclosures, loans, and tips for buyers. This is a great social media marketing strategy for realtors that helps gain their trust and followers.

The main advantage of Instagram is that it offers different formats. You can use it to highlight your listings, and showcase future developments. There are also plenty of options for ad scheduling on Instagram. Aside from these, you can also schedule a specific time and date to schedule an ad. So, if you’re interested in utilizing Instagram for real estate marketing, here are 10 Powerful Ways to Use It For Your Business

Using Instagram for real estate marketing is a great way to generate awareness and drive traffic to your website. You can use the location feature of the app to tag locations and future developments. In the event of an event, you can even share your post with friends or non-followers to increase your reach. Moreover, you can use Instagram for a variety of purposes. Besides using it for real estate, you can use it to showcase your listings.

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